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A Webinar for Manufacturers

Learn How to Conduct Powerful VoC Research Yourself

Aired: April 11th, 2018

2:00-3:00pm Eastern Time Zone

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We all know understanding the voice of the customer (VOC) is vital, yet many companies struggle to give their company comprehensive,unbiased, believable data. Learn a five-step approach your company can execute to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Common Challenges facing manufacturers:

  • Needs are collected unscientifically, diminishing credibility
  • Needs reflect legacy opinions that are outdated today
  • The loudest voice in the room or the last lost sale misdirect needs
  • Many departments don’t believe them and so don’t take action

What you will learn:

  • A 5 step process to conduct comprehensive and accurate VOC data.
  • How to conduct recorded interviews that pull needs from your target market
  • How to create a Primary Needs Table that your whole company will use
  • How to get your market to prioritize the primary needs
  • How to motivate your company to align with the customer needs

This technique, adapted from AMS, produces a powerful set of needs in the customers’ own words and priority. Solid, usable VOC data gives companies a competitive advantage,” says Chip Burnham, co-founder of Fairmont Concepts.

All you need to know to execute effective VOC research into your target end market. First, a set of 12 to 25 Primary Needs are identified through recorded interviews, then these needs are prioritized by the marketplace into a 2x2 grid through an online survey (see example).


Chip Burnham and Brian Kent are co-founders of Fairmont Concepts, a consulting agency that helps manufacturers improve the performance of their commercial engine. They have extensive experience in manufacturing and are the authors of the book MarketMD™ Your Manufacturing Business and an ongoing series of articles in the entitled Grow Your Business.

Chip Burnham

Chip Burnham

Brian Kent

Brian Kent