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Answers to Fairmont's most common marketing questions
Do I have to take the business health checkup?

For new clients, typically, yes. On rare occasions, we jump into helping a new client without the aid of the checkup. It is highly recommended that new clients take the checkup. Repeat clients retake the checkup every 12 to 18 months, not before every project we work with them on.

How many people should take the health checkup in my organization?

One person can take it, but the results are more comprehensive and accurate if at least three people take it. We have successfully worked with companies when just one knowledgeable person takes the checkup, and when a team of 20 take it. To get buy in, it’s best if you get people who are in sales, marketing, service and senior leadership (CEO, President, Owner?) to take the checkup. Then you’ll start with greater alignment when it comes time to select the areas to improve.

What if I don't know an answer to one of the questions in the health checkup?

Just select “I don’t know.” Most people who take the checkup answer “I don’t know” to at least one or two.

What if I don't want other people in my team to know what I rated the company?

This request is fairly common. Anonymity helps people be brutally honest, and that is what you want each person who takes the checkup to be. Each person who takes the checkup gets their own ranking of the 10 topics back. If more than one person takes it then each person gets their ranking and the composite. If you don’t want anyone to ever know what your ratings were, then give us a call and we’ll not send the composite until at least 3 people have taken the checkup. We’ll work with you on this, no problem.

What do I do after I get my results?

Discuss with Fairmont the best way to proceed. We have the experience to help you read the results and get to the core issues. Sometimes it is not so obvious. For example, if the lowest rating says you need to generate more leads to hit your goals, and the third lowest rating is you don’t have effective messaging, then you still must start with improving your messaging before diving into generating leads.

What if our business model doesn't match the 10 key business areas?

If your business is outside the design parameters of our system, then most of the tools and recommendations will still apply, but not all. We can discuss your business needs to see if Fairmont’s MarketMD system is applicable. By the way – our system is designed around small to mid-sized manufacturing companies who sell high dollar products.

What if I need help outside of the 10 key business areas?

The 10 key areas cover the most common issues that plague commercial engines. If you find your top issues involve things like rebranding the company, then Fairmont is not for you. We’ll be the first to point you to other resources who can help.

Do I have to buy the MarketMD your Business book?

No, not at all. The book is there as a resource – a playbook or how-to guide. Once we are engaged with you on improving your marketing and sales business, we will deviate as needed from the solutions in the book.

Do you have data to benchmark my company against other companies?

Yes, we have general data that covers all industries, and then we have data sets for individual industries as well – perhaps yours.

How long does it take to get your commercial engine up and running again?

Most of our solutions are executed on a schedule set by weeks. You should expect to see progress in a month, and successful results in a quarter.

How do I know the Fairmont team can help me?

If you are unsure, give us a call and we’ll discuss it. Or, check out the book. The fundamental approach we take is in there. You can assess whether we are a fit for you before you invest further in our services.

Should I just read the book instead of calling in Fairmont?

You can if you wish. The book is a self-help approach. Fairmont will help you execute, and will coach you along the way too.