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Build a healthy commercial engine

Imagine a full sales pipeline with quality leads and swift funnel movement, consistently meeting revenue and profit targets, and a loyal customer base.

Fairmont can help make this your reality. Join the hundreds who have found commercial engine success.


We’ve identified 10 key business areas that when firing on all cylinders delivers results – building revenue and profit

Finding your best end market

Uncovering the voice of the customer

Creating great messaging

Generating more leads

Nurturing your existing leads

Building a great sales team

Creating customer loyalty

Rightsizing the marketing budget

Making your current offerings more attractive

Hitting your profit goals

Our unique approach quickly pinpoints and prioritizes the greatest opportunities for improvement specific to your business. Together we’ll execute practical solutions – while also building the skill of your team.

Learn why the 10 areas are important

The MarketMD Method

Our unique process is simple, and it works.

One to 10 people in your organization take our Business Health Checkup

We analyze your team results, identify your weaknesses and strengths, and develop the plan

Together we’ll implement practical, and proven solutions, creating strategy and delivering results

Bring light to the true root causes instead of solving for the latest pain point or symptoms. Benefit from broad perspectives and ensure buy in on your strategy.

We’re Not a Typical Marketing Agency.

We have a systematic approach to first identify, and then solve your top business issues. We will help you execute with sound strategies, proven tools, and streamlined solutions. We leave you stronger at the end of our engagement than when we started by developing your team’s skills along the way.

MarketMD Your Business is a business self-help book written by Chip Burnham and Brian Kent, co-founders of Fairmont Concepts. Dedicated to helping teams self diagnose and rank their organizations weakness and provide the strategy and tactics, step by step, to improve the performance of their commercial engine.

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