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MarketMD™ Your Business

An indispensable Marketing and Sales resource for small to mid-sized B2B companies selling high dollar products or services.

We’ve identified 10 key business areas that when firing on all cylinders delivers results – building revenue and profit

Finding your best end market

Uncovering the voice of the customer

Creating great messaging

Generating more leads

Nurturing your existing leads

Building a great sales team

Creating customer loyalty

Rightsizing the marketing budget

Making your current offerings more attractive

Hitting your profit goals

Learn why the 10 areas are important

We’re passionate about helping teams achieve marketing and sales success – we even wrote a book to help you do it.

“MarketMD™ Your Business” has been called an indispensable marketing and sales resource for small to mid-sized B2B companies, selling high dollar products or services.

The book describes our system that helps you zero in on marketing and sales gaps specific to your business, and solve them. Using our 10 marketing and sales keys you’ll learn how to make fast and effective change in your organization to increase revenue and profit. Implement proven solutions with step-by-step instructions, templates, and tools. The MarketMD system will optimize your marketing and sales commercial engine.

Read the book straight through, or select the chapters most relevant to your business needs. Executable, real world solutions to what ails your business.

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The Perfect Combination

Clients often read the “MarketMD Your Business” book AND work with our team to implement solutions. For faster, more smooth marketing and sales improvements, where you can focus on results while we train your team – work with Fairmont Concepts.

We wrote the book on how to do it.