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10 key business areas essential to profit, revenue, and loyal customers.

We’ve identified 10 key business areas with an enormous impact on the performance of your commercial engine. Should we identify one of these areas as an opportunity for improvement for your business – we’ll dive in with best practices and raise performance levels.

1End Market Selection

Many companies target end markets based entirely on earned revenue. Top revenue does not always equal top market. We’ll show you how to segment, conduct objective market evaluations, and identify the end markets that deliver the top growth potential for both revenue and profit. An essential first step in fine tuning your commercial engine.

2Customer Needs

Focus on understanding the voice of your customers. We implement proven, effective methods for uncovering the primary needs of customers within your best target end markets. Drive your company forward with true customer focus. Develop better products, create stronger service offerings, create better messaging, increase win rate, and raise profits, all resulting from a clear picture of the marketplace.


Clear, consistent, and targeted messaging is essential to your commercial engine success. We’ll help you create a simple hierarchy to organize your messaging, as well as provide you with proven methods for creating persuasive and focused messaging for use by your entire organization. Get your point across and set yourself apart.

4Lead Generation

Consistently rated as a top problem facing sales and marketing organizations, lead generation is vital to sustaining and growing a company. We’ll provide an effective lead qualification and funnel system, along with tools and methods to help you analyze your current lead generation sources, identify your top ROI activities, and fill your pipeline.

5Lead Nurturing

Companies invest heavily in money and resources to generate leads, yet lead nurturing remains a top problem in B2B companies. Create a lead nurturing program that delivers the right information at the right time to your potential customers – swiftly guiding them through the buyer journey.

6Sales Team Efficiency

Maximize the win rate through proven sales training techniques that include selling strategies, persuasive overview pitches, powerful new sales tools, truly effective role playing, and the makeup of an ideal sales training meeting.

7Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers generate significant profits. Learn techniques for obtaining and tracking transactional satisfaction and overall customer loyalty.

8Investing In Marketing

There is often heated debates about the amount of money being spent on marketing. We help you use benchmarks to establish how much you should be spending, how to determine where to get your highest ROI, and how to justify a healthy and reasonable marketing budget to senior leaders.

9Increasing Product Attractiveness

You don’t always have time to develop new products to grow sales. You need a boost to sales right now. We help you dig deeper and uncover the hidden advantages in your existing offerings to improve perceived value and increase sales.

10Company Profitability

Marketing and sales teams are responsible for delivering revenue and profit. There are levers your commercial team can pull to help you consistently hit your profitability targets. We’ll help you identify and execute those profitability levers.

Small to mid-sized, B2B companies often find themselves in need of marketing and sales help, but they’re not sure where to focus first.


don’t generate enough leads


don’t have consistent messaging


could have more effective sales teams

We guide you through the process of identifying where to focus your efforts, taking you step by step through exercises and solutions to improve your business.

We purposefully focus on these 10 key business areas. Here’s why:


Each area has proven repeatedly vital to the performance of marketing and sales commercial engine


Each area can be changed and improved directly through the efforts of your marketing and sales team without need for outside contributors


Improvements for each area can be executed in near to mid-term, for quick and dramatic results