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We are Fairmont.

A carefully selected team of high energy, fast-paced, B2B marketing and sales experts that provide marketing assistance for manufacturers. We love challenges and beating expectations.

Our Mission

We empower manufacturing companies to meet their sales and marketing business goals through the MarketMD approach.

Our Story

Fairmont was born from years of experience, walking in your shoes. Our team started out as in-house VP’s of Marketing and Sales, Product Managers, and Customer Service leaders where we lived the everyday pressures associated with the responsibility of delivering a high functioning commercial engine. Through tough economic conditions, to stellar years of growth, we learned first-hand how stressful AND how rewarding marketing and sales can be.

We personally identify with your experiences, and because of that we are passionate about creating value, success, and sustainability for our clients.

Marketing and sales leaders often need help to look objectively at their commercial engine, and equally important, to have other company leaders engage in this process with them. Only then, when both marketing and sales leaders, and owners or CEOs are aligned can the company move forward to improve the weakest links. Otherwise, marketing and sales leaders commonly endure endless list of “issues of the month” handed down from on high. Hence, the birth of the MarketMD system, and the company, Fairmont, that delivers the system:

  • Self-assessment by leaders across the company
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Proven solutions to address issues that deliver your top ROI


Core Principles




Meet our Founders

Chip Burnham

Chip Burnham

Chip Burnham brings a broad range of skills and viewpoints gained from 30 years of experience in global organizations  leading engineering, sales, marketing, and service groups. A published author and holder of multiple patents, he has a proven record of success as a leader, trainer, and coach. His background includes extensive experience in North America, LatAm, EMEA, and Asia. His solution techniques are based on his extensive experience as a senior executive with a strong sales, marketing, and business foundation.

Brian Kent

Brian Kent

Brian Kent has specialized in sales, marketing, and product management for 14+ years. He has worked with cross functional teams across the globe to develop new technologies, train sales teams to exceptional performance levels, and bridge the gap between technical engineering teams and marketing communications – launching groundbreaking new products and services. He’s developed sales tools and in-depth training, and created full product and marketing plans from cradle to grave for large ticket B2B products spanning multiple industries.