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The MarketMD™ Process

We use our proven MarketMD system to diagnose your business, create alignment among your peers and leaders, and help execute results. Our process is simple, effective, and it works.


MarketMD™ Business Health Checkup

Fast, free assessment of the current state of your marketing and sales. Taken by people in your organization who understand the state of the commercial engine.


Custom Action Plan

We analyze your results to prioritize needs and create a focused action plan specific to your business , with the best ROI.


Fairmont Executes

Together we execute the strategic plan to get your commercial engine running at peak performance using best practices to improve revenue, profit, and serve your customers better. Your team will learn permanent skills and tactics, complete with a full library of tools and templates for future use.

Why the MarketMD™ system works:

When you take a step back and assess your entire commercial engine before jumping into solutions, you bring light to the true root cause instead of solving for the latest pain point or symptom. Focus on the area that will truly deliver the top ROI.

When you include a cross section of peers and leaders in the business health assessment, you gain wisdom through multiple perspectives.

When the cross section of peers and leaders are involved in identifying issues and creating the improvement strategy, you build alignment and sprint forward as a team.

When you employ our proven solutions to 10 key elements of a commercial engine, you get your business running at peak performance.

When our engagement is complete, your team will have the skills and tools to be selfsufficient. Invest in your team with Fairmont.

Boost your business performance using the 10 key business areas that drive marketing and sales.