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A Webinar for Manufacturers



Generate Additional Leads When You Need Them Most



Thursday July 12th 2018

2:00-2:45pm Eastern Time Zone

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Manufacturers consistently say that generating more leads is the biggest challenge. We all seek a lever we can pull to generate more leads when we need them most.

When your basic lead gen isn’t enough:

Your company has a baseline number of leads that come in per month. You have perfected your basic lead generation system and without doing anything novel a fairly consistent number of leads dribble in from your website, referrals, and possibly agents and tradeshows. You know that 15 to 20 percent of these leads are ready for your sales team to pursue, and the rest need to be nurtured. But what do you do when the revenue forecast is dropping and you need more leads right away?


Learn how to create a lever to generate more leads when you need them:

  • How to develop new targeted lists that clone your best customers
  • How to contact your target audience beyond the general inbox
  • How to create an integrated marketing campaign
  • How to use a variety of contact methods – all with consistent messaging
  • How to do all of these tasks with your current team
  • How to test and refine your integrated campaign

When seeking marketing advice, manufacturers can be led astray. Advice from marketing experts often focuses on B2C low-dollar sales where the target audience is in the millions and the product is sold for dollars. Your potential customers are different – they have a lot on the line as they buy products and services in the thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fairmont’s webinars and marketing advice are developed specifically for you – the manufacturer of high-dollar products sold B2B. Our strategies and tactics are proven effective in moving cautious buyers to become your loyal customers.

We invite you to join us for this lead generation webinar developed specifically for manufacturers selling high-dollar products.


Chip Burnham and Brian Kent are co-founders of Fairmont Concepts, a consulting agency that helps manufacturers improve the performance of their commercial engine. They have extensive experience in manufacturing and the authors of the book MarketMD™ Your Manufacturing Business as well as an ongoing series of articles in the entitled Grow Your Business.

Chip Burnham

Chip Burnham

Brian Kent

Brian Kent