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M & A Commercial Engine Analysis

Going beyond the numbers to get the inside scoop


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Whether evaluating possible mergers or acquisitions, or gaining insight into a company already in your portfolio, we provide a fast and economical way to understand the commercial strengths and weaknesses of a manufacturing company. Our highly-experienced manufacturing business experts conduct carefully crafted interviews with key commercial staff to uncover important data and subjective outlooks that point to the overall business health.

  • We evaluate the commercial engine health of potential acquisitions or portfolio company
  • We utilize one-on-one interviews of key employees to uncover the insider’s perspective, while causing minimal disruption
  • We use our carefully crafted open ended and Likert scale questions to expose valuable perceptions
  • We deliver to you a comprehensive report with relative strengths and weaknesses of key commercial areas
  • We deliver results to you quickly – usually in days

The toughest area to evaluate in a company is usually the commercial side of the business. Things you need to know are not always shown in the numbers. How strong are the marketing, sales, and service departments? Are they gaining or losing market share, and why? Get the inside scoop – the staff has been competing in their market for years, or decades, and they know their company’s strengths and weaknesses. Our approach will uncover manager and leadership views of their current and future business potential. We talk their language, and will uncover and organize their information for you.

  • You’ll complement your financial and operational data with an insiders view of commercial performance
  • You’ll learn vital information before executing an M&A or investing in an existing portfolio company
  • You’ll gain deep insights and perceptions pertaining to marketing, sales, service, and the overall business health
  • You’ll receive a comprehensive report with key data for understanding current state, perceptions and predictions for understanding future state, and a prioritized list of commercial strengths and weaknesses for understanding commercial engine integrity
  • You’ll get the results you need fast


Are target end markets identified?
Is messaging strong and consistent?
Is the voice of the customer known?
Are they generating enough leads?
Are existing leads nurtured?
What’s the market share dynamics?
Is the future bright or dim?


How effective are the sales teams?
Are all channels optimized?
Are forecasts accurate?
What KPIs are tracked and used?
What is the competitive position?
Are current products attractive?
Is the future bright or dim?

Service & Business

How loyal are customers?
What’s the lifetime value of customers?
Are customers segmented?
What are the end market CAGRs?
What staffing changes are planned?
Will they hit profit and growth goals?
Is the future bright or dim?

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