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Business Health Checkup

In just 3 minutes, self-assess your commercial engine

What is the MarketMD™ Checkup?

Simply put, our 3-minute business health checkup is the best way to quickly understand your biggest opportunities for improvement in marketing and sales. We’ve created a series of questions that when answered will diagnose your commercial engine.

We’ll formulate your results and deliver them to your inbox. Don’t guess where you should focus your efforts to get the best return – know.

Who should take the Checkup?

You, and other people in your company knowledgeable about your products, services and customers. No PhD required. Usually, 2 to 10 people take the checkup. Higher participation numbers mean more accurate results. When multiple people from different areas of your company take the health checkup you eliminate departmental biases and end up with a clear cross-functional view of your strengths and weaknesses.

The Checkup helps you rate your company on the 10 Key Business Areas